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We are JAMU

We are Jacqueline and Cengiz, the parents of two small children. With or without the kids, whether drawing, crafting or constructing we love to be creative in our free time and to develop new ideas for family and friends. Our new picture frame, JAMU, for example. It’s the perfect solution for all those works of art children create almost daily.


Our inspiration 

Children love to draw and paint and give you their little works of art. From houses, trees, and cars to dinosaurs and unicorns, we are delighted with them all. But where to put these ever-increasing new drawings? Folders are overflowing, drawers too. Every now and then a work of art quietly disappears into the wastepaper basket which makes our parent hearts ache. So how to offer the many works of art the perfect stage and the safest storage? 


We put on our thinking caps and finally came up with a practical and visually attractive solution: JAMU - a sophisticated framing system which showcases the little works of art in the best possible light.


Thank you!

Thank you very much for your interest in our project and your support. We would be thrilled if the picture frames were soon hanging in many living rooms, children's rooms, kitchens and hallways and making children's eyes sparkle. Because that is the goal of JAMU!

Do you have any questions or feedback? We look forward to hearing from you.

We would welcome your feedback.
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Thank you!

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